Blood Pressure Meds, Anyone?

You’ll need ’em after reading the piece that appeared in Salon yesterday – an overview and accounting of the damage wrought by Bush et al in their years in DC.  It begins:

After a couple of presidential terms, mismanagement in every area of policy — foreign, domestic, even extraterrestrial — starts to add up. When George W. Bush entered the White House in January 2001, he inherited peace and prosperity. The military, the Constitution and New Orleans were intact and the country had a budget surplus of $128 billion. Now he’s about to dash out the door, leaving a large, unpaid bill for his successors to pay.

What sort of punishment suffices?  Maybe we should have a contest.  Yeah … read the piece, then be creative and submit your suggestions.  (Or don’t read the piece and just send in your ideas.)  I’ll compile a list for a future post.  (I’d offer a prize, but it just got too ugly the last time.)  No prizes.  No winners.  No losers (except Bush, of course).  Let’s just compile a nice list.

In other news, Florida won.  For those who were into it, I’m sure it was an interesting game.  Me, I’m pretty much with Boltgirl (but without the ice cream and beer).

And I’ve been thinking more about bad habits and healthy choices.  I’m wondering why I tend to approach choices as if they are work.  I react as if choices were burdens somehow.  Where does that come from?

Sunday School comes to mind … the burden of “being good” that so many of us shouldered from a very young age.  Am I approaching most of my choices with a nagging, nattering “should” on my shoulder?  I suspect so.

Unconsciously, I tend to leave myself out of the equation and reduce choices to some kind of argument between “should” and “shouldn’t” – “good” and “evil” – Jesus and Beelzebub.  It’s kind of exhausting … and very unsatisfying for yours truly, who pretty much never gets her say.

So what if I were to add myself back in?  Making choices might actually be fun and empowering.  What a thought!?  Indeed, I’ll have to ponder that some more.  😉

Peace out.

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2 Responses to Blood Pressure Meds, Anyone?

  1. I like the way you think! Maybe limit visitors to Dick Cheney only (from the next cell over), too!


  2. Alice NYE says:

    How about an open-ended stay at Guantanamo with reading materials restricted to principles of due process and the Geneva Convention.


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