The Day that We Long Awaited Has Arrived!

I begin with this poem by novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks.  She read it in All Things Considered yesterday, and you can give it a listen here!

U Being U

U Being U
Mr. President-Elect
Makes me wanna get MY stuff

I feel like starting with something RADICAL
Love my Neighbor
Like share what I’ve got
Like think for myself
Like ask the hard questions
Like lean toward the good and help keep the peace

U being U
Makes me wanna do something new
Like Go Green, or at least try to.

You being you, Mr. President-Elect
Makes me want to look on others with respect
Makes me wanna
practice Radical Inclusion, you know,
Open my heart wide, especially in the presence of folks who
Are not like me, you know,
work to see my Brother
In the Other
You make me want to entertain all my far-out ideas
Make me wanna represent the race, as in the human race,
And know that, like You, I too am Prized.

And to those who say yr a Magic Negro,
I love them just the same
And my love helps us weave a United States.

Mr. President,
Heaven sent
Since heaven is just a place where possibility
becomes possible
And where hostility
its hostile,
I feel like picking up the trash in the park or on the beach
I think I’ll teach, and learn, from all I meet
I think I’ll apologize in person for all our faults
and try to make amends for our shortcomings
And also, I think,
I’ll brag,
Just a little bit,
About how cool We The People are

Oh, I just had to sing you a little something
Because you,
Mr. President,
You are embarking with Us on an awesome and beautiful
And potentially perilous journey
And so I am giving you
All the Love
All the Love
All the Love
All the Love
Mr. President
That I’ve got
Because I believe
In the dream
And I am ready
To wake up
And live it.

Here’s a great clearing house of all things inaugural – both related to today’s ceremony, and inaugurations through history.  (Thanks, Doris!)

The only other piece of news I wanted to highlight today is the fact that apparently Dick Cheney will be in a wheelchair for the inauguration.  He threw out his back while moving some boxes.  Interesting.  My hope for the soon-to-be-former VP is that, unless and until he is either tried for or owns his evildoing, his subconscious continues to wreak havoc on his body.  If justice has to come in the form of wrenched backs, so be it.

PS  That goes for Bush, Rummy, and others whose comeuppance will surely be coming, one way or another.

But for now, let’s just roll Dick in (because he certainly shouldn’t miss this) … and celebrate that 1/20/09 is finally here!

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2 Responses to The Day that We Long Awaited Has Arrived!

  1. Stephen says:

    Even though I was here, I was there… This is the first momentous occasion I can remember witnessing that wasn’t a catastrophe. How sad is that? In nearly 40 years, the biggest moments I remember have been disasters, attacks, etc. Its nice to have one huge, positive moment to add to the pile!

    Best wishes, Mr. President. We’re all behind you — for the moment!


  2. Alice says:

    Here’s another note of gratitude–and relief–on this special day from Michael Moore. I thought it was worth a look by JordanCornbloggers who may not have seen it.

    Enjoy the day. GOBAMA!


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