Imagine Waking Up This Morning …

… in the White House.

I can’t.  Went to bed last night thinking, “Here I am trundling off at 10PM worried about being tired in the morning … and stressing about the 8 or 14 or 19 things on my plate that need more or less immediate attention.  Meanwhile, Barack and Michelle have about 7 more balls to attend …”  You get the picture.

So, yesterday … amazing.  At the Red River Theatres in Concord, we watching the festivities on the big screen and I felt a bit of what Stephen described in his comment yesterday.  Especially felt it when I stood with others there and sang the Star Spangled Banner and felt something akin to pride … certainly hope.  And definitely not the cringing shame that has been more usual over recent decades (with occasional sparks of something slightly more positive).  Yup … yesterday … amazing.

Also, for those who didn’t see it, here’s an Inaugural message from Michael Moore (shared by Alice yesterday in her comment – thanks!).

Other things that stood out – seeing that Cheney-bot rolled out onto the platform.  What a shriveled, nasty-looking husk of a man, eh?   Contrasted with the clear-eyed vitality of Obama, Bush looked like the vague and shallow frat boy that he is, and Cheney looked just miserable.

We all pretty much stuck around at the theater watching ’til we were sure the Bushies were actually gone.  The sight of that helicopter taking off may have gotten nearly as much applause and cheering as any other part of the ceremony.  It was a real “Wizard of Oz” moment – felt like saying good by to a couple of Wicked Witches … and good riddance.

Speaking of witches … anybody see Condi there?  I don’t remember glimpsing her.  Puzzling woman.  The real scoop on Condi would make interesting reading as I’m sure there are some pretty wild psychological twists that put her obvious talent and intelligence in the service of evil and incompetence.

At any rate … hi ho, hi ho .. it’s off to work I go.  (From the Wiz to Snow White?  Please god, no more Disneyish allusions today!) Okay … I’m just happy to be starting a new day on a NEW DAY … but will try to be more grown up about it!

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