Thursday Already?

Time is flying by and I am late (a too-predictable refrain these winter mornings).  I’d been on a roll with getting up and exercising so far this week, but a late night spelled a late rising this morning.  So I’ll see the treadmill tomorrow, but not today.  Maybe I’ll hit the bike tonight … not that you need all this detail.

A few tidbits of news … before I head out.

The WNT Blog has a nice piece titled “Yes We Can” celebrating the inauguration and sharing some players’ thoughts.  I’m still hoping that Obama will invite Pia and the USWNT to the White House … an invitation that I imagine Pia would not turn down.  (But I also imagine that Obama’s mind is on a few other things these days.)

I watched Maddow last night – most of the way through – and found myself wondering how she’s tolerating all the make up.  They really ramped it up last night … as her star continues to ascend, how much will she be morphing, I wonder?  And also … has she been on Ellen yet?  (I’d Google it, but need to wrap this up, so will just leave the question out there.)

Caroline Kennedy  apparently withdrew her name, then didn’t, then did again.  I am glad.  It seemed a shaky enterprise – and it would be a shame on many fronts – a shame to see her put through a wringer – and a shame for the Democrats to lose that seat in the next election (something that seemed kinda likely).  I like the idea of Caroline as Ambassador to some nice European country … if she really wants to serve.

And … the women’s b-ball schedule for tonight (Central Time) for those who get these channels.  Maybe you can watch Pat continue to inch her way toward her 1000th win!

Illinois at Northwestern 6:00 Big Ten Network
Kentucky at Florida 6:00 Fox Sports Net
Ole Miss at Tennessee 6:00 ESPNU
Arkansas at Vanderbilt 8:00 Fox Sports Net

Have a great day!

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