'Til Tuesday

First off, the UConn Huskies are a scary-good basketball team! The women, I’m talking about.  They played Louisville last night.  While the Cardinals  stayed with them through part of the first half, by the second half the Huskies had blown open a huge lead. Louisville’s Angel McCoughtry is certainly an amazing player to watch, with a high arching, sweet, jumpshot. But she couldn’t carry her Cardinals all the way. Their defense seemed to get the Huskies out of sync early on — but once they settled down, UConn took over and won it going away (93-65).  Freshman Tiffany Hayes had a double double – and the game of her young Huskey career (so far).  UConn stands now at 20-0 – along with Nell Fortner’s Auburn team (who beat Tennessee on Sunday to remain undefeated).

In just his second week in office, I’m glad to see that Obama is being clear and active in putting some signals out to the Muslim world. I’m sure that he can’t make up the damage done by the Bush administration in a couple of weeks, or months, or even years. But it’s good to see him beginning to address the need, and starting to reach out and communicate.


He suggests starting by listening — what an idea!

Meanwhile, John Conyers has subpoenaed Karl Rove in his ongoing investigation into the Valerie Plame scandal. It’s going to be very interesting (and quite possibly fun) to watch this unfold in the new political world. I know it’s small of me, but I would love to see Rove get nailed.

Running late today, so gotta go. Have a great one!

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