Snowy NH Wednesday

Maddow on her interview with Blago … very weird stuff from the Gov. about cowboys here …


Much of this made great grist for Jon Stewart.  And then here’s the actual interview …

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Excellent interview, Rachel!  Rod is not in touch with reality … but I guess that should not come as any surprise.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, we learn that in Iceland, where sanity reigns in spite of economic and environmental meltdowns,  Johanna Sigurdardottir is in line to step in as Prime Minister.  What’s newsowrthy about that?  She’ll be the world’s first openly gay PM.  What’s even more newsworthy?  The reaction in Iceland …

I guess I still have the attitude of most Icelanders when it comes to matters of sexual issues, because I failed to pick up on the newsworthiness of Sigurdardottir’s sexual orientation. “Oh, vow,” said an American friend of mine, “that’s really something! First openly gay world leader!”

Huh? Why, who cares? Even after living in America all these years, where hounding politicians into surrealistic hell about their private lives is the norm, it didn’t really ring bells for me. “I don’t see what her sexual orientation has to do with anything,” my mother told me yesterday. “It’s no one’s business but her own.”

My usually taciturn father agreed strongly. “She is the most trusted and respected politician in the country,” he said, “and she is simply the best person available for the job. Ja, that is just pervert thinking,” he replied when I told him that her sexual orientation would probably be more newsworthy in America than anything else surrounding her appointment.

Gotta Pee!On Princess Sparkle Pony you’ve gotta read this post about Bush’s defining moments …it’s very comprehensive and includes the episode in which he writes Condi a note, asking if he can go pee.  Cloick on the photo to check it out up close.  Yup – that’s our ex-prez.  Apparently matters of self-care and personal hygiene were far more challenging for The Decider than, say, invading a foreign country. 

And so it goes.

A snowy Wednesday here in NH … safe travels, RPE!

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