High Flying Bird

… and I don’t mean the Cardinals!  Nope … the Steelers will clip their wings.  But RPE is en route from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro as I write.  The plane is slated to land at 8:35 PM.  (Check the JordanCornblog clock.)  You go girl!

In other news … it snowed in NH.  A LOT.  The sun’s not up yet, but it looks like we lost some ground on the shovelling front as the precipitation continued through the night.

NC State held a tribute for Kay Yow who died this past weekend after a valiant 20+ year battle with breast cancer.

Yow won more than 700 games in 38 seasons, 34 coming with the Wolfpack. She also coached the U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal in 1988, won four ACC tournament championships, earned 20 NCAA tournament bids and reached the Final Four in 1998. Her resume was good enough for her to be inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame in 2002 and for the school to dedicate “Kay Yow Court” in Reynolds in 2007.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma dropped Baylor in a game that had Dubya sitting behind the Baylor bench.   Shite – that dude is bad luck wherever he goes!

Bush and his wife, Laura, walked onto the court with Mulkey after the former president addressed the Lady Bears before the game. When Bush and Mulkey emerged from the tunnel, without any introduction, the crowd stood and broke into loud applause.

Note to self (from Kim Mulkey) … “Next time, have Obama address the team.”  OR consult with Pia Sundhage about the etiquette of dealing with toxic political figures.

In other inspiring news, we read in the NY Times that Wall Street handed out about 18.4 billion in bonuses this past year.  You read right.  It was the 6th largest amount on record.  The lack of transparency (relative to the bailout) just gets more and more troubling … reading stories like this.

For something more inspiring … here’s a video bio of Michelle O!


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