Wednesday. That's All – Just Wednesday.

Do you live in one of America’s ten most miserable cities?   Hope not.  That would be miserable.  And speaking of miserable – I’d forgotten that Laura Ingraham existed,’til I read this on Huffington.  Glad Arlen gave her a scolding.  Nothing wrong with debate – but if we had a few fewer of these shrill, reactionary, pseudo pundits sucking up the air, I do think the world would be a better place.  I’m going to go back to forgetting that she exists …

Some good news on the presidential front:  we’ve moved from having a middle schooler to having a high schooler iin the White House!  (And I suspect that Obama is actually holding back, vocabulary-wise … whilst Dubya was stretching.)

Check your local listings, as it looks like UConn may be on TV vs. St. John’s tonight …

UConn at St. John’s TBA CPTV

Nothing against St. John’s, but if I were a betting woman …

And in other B-ball news I see that T-spoon is now the interim coach at her alma mater, LA Tech!  And while I’m late on this one – here’s an LA Times article on Candace Parker’s pregnancy.  Sounds like she plans to return to the court this summer.  She’s due in May … and could return as early as mid-June.  (Hope she’s consulting with Joy Fawcett!)

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