Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Abraham LincolnLincoln’s birthday … always an important date in my Book of Days. I do wish that we had never gone the President’s Day route – just too generic for my taste.  I was not consulted, however.

Bookeaters are celebrating Mr. Lincoln’s birth with a perusal of Daniel Mark Epstein’s book, The Lincoln’s:  Portrait of a Marriage.  Somehow, I suspect that the marriage is going to feel a wee bit familiar.

The puzzling Rutgers women’s basketball team lost a heart breaker last night to Pitt in what was shaping up to be an upset by the Scarlet Knights.  Rutgers was looking more recognizable as a C. Vivian Stringer team, though- and it’ll be interesting to see whether they can be hitting their stride in time for the Tournament.  Here’s tonight’s b-ball schedule … all Central time, remember …

Michigan State at Indiana 6:00 Big Ten Network
Alabama at Tennessee 6:00 Fox Sports Net
Missouri State at Illinois State 7:00 Missouri Cable Sports Network
Purdue at Minnesota 8:00 Big Ten Network
Mississippi State at Ole Miss 8:00 Fox Sports Net

As an aside – some people had been having trouble seeing the sidebars here, in recent days.  I did some research and discovered that it apparently had something to do with the coding in the b-ball schedule.  So I’m pasting it in in plain text now.  Not as pretty – but it seems to work better!

I was going to write about the stimulus package, but the sketchy internet connection has eaten up too much of the morning.  We’re getting another wireless access point, in-house, which should help.  I’m not convinced, however, that the FairPoint connection isn’t also problematic.  Yours truly is fast becoming a FairPoint disliker – and may be making her way toward being a FairPoint hater.

Stay tuned … grrrrr!

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