Couple of Quick Things

First off – congratulations to Swarthmore College on selecting its 14th president – and to Rebecca S. Chopp on being that person.  She is currently the President of Colgate … and a scholar of religion and American Culture.  Nice to have a woman there – and she sounds like a great choice.

Second – I heard a story on NPR while I was out and about shopping today … the kind of brief snippet that sets me to gnashing my teeth and/or wanting to scream.  Apparently our ex-prez – Dubya, I mean – took a little trip to a Dallas hardware store this weekend.  Joking in his back-slapping, towel-snapping way, he told the good folks at the store that he was looking for a job.

Yup – looking for a job.  Hah, hah, hah.

This from the tin-eared, uncurious and morally bankrupt doofus who presided over the loss of million upon million of jobs.  I do wish that he had to look for work.  Any way we can cut off his pension and put it toward the deficit?  Hah, hah, hah.

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