Icy Monday

The snows aren’t as deep as expected, but they led to power outages in these parts, and lots and lots of birches bent to the ground.  We had to saw the ends off of some branches on one birch near the bottom of our hill so that it’d pop up enough to let cars through … to get to work … of all things.  It is Monday, after all.  Now the sun is starting to stream – and hopefully that will melt the ice and allow the trees and bushes to straighten up on their own (without our rather violent assistance).

I’ve been wrestling with (and learning a bit more about) WordPrtess Themes and CSS Styles.  Interesting – and very gratifying when what I do (semi-blindly) actually works.

In the news I see that Al Franken has joined with many others of us in thinking (and hoping) that Rachel Maddow will be the next person from Air America to enter the senate.  Now wouldn’t that be a trip!?

Big Jim's SalaryMeanwhile, Jim Bunning (whose connection with the Phillies I would love to deny if I could) continues to amaze with his wrong-headed, right-wing rhetoric – this time going so far as to predict the timing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s demise.

Why is it that those who stridently profess religion (in his case Catholicism) as a source for their values, and tend to be exceedingly self-righteous and judgmental of others … are also often huge sleazeballs in their own right?

I submit to you this article about Senator Bunning’s “Foundation” – a so-called charitable organization that pays out more to him in his annual salary than it does to charities!  Check out the wonderfully telling graphic from the article.

Lots of other stuff in the news – like Slumdog sweeping up lots of little statues last night – and the UConn women rolling to another victory, while the Maryland women made Duke’s defense look like anything but Duke’s defense!

But you know what?  I need to get moving here and go outside and get some snow shoveled. Be back later, perhaps. Have a great day!

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