Tuesday Again!

So here we are back at Tuesday again! I managed to get myself onto the treadmill this morning, and so am feeling quite cocky and proud of myself!

Let’s see what’s out there in the news this morning. We’ve got polls showing that the majority of Americans are supporting Obama’s decisions on the economy — and don’t want him to seek a middle ground with the GOP.  Can’t wait to see what he says tonight!

In an interesting story on the Huffington Post I’m reading that CBS news has named Jeff Ballabon to be their senior vice president of communications. He sounds like a real right-wing partisan oddball. Apparently some years ago, after he had worked for a while in Washington DC, he came away believing that Democrats are bad and Republicans are good. I guess I can sort of understand the sentiment, but it’s unfortunate that he has it backwards. Scary to think that he’s going to be a major player now with CBS news.

What else? Well, Boltgirl is back — after what sounds like a difficult time — but still not quite ready to dive into her political blogging. Sounds like it’s spring in Arizona — one can only continue to hope, here in NH!

HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew are coming to visit this weekend. There will be lots of home brews to sample, and lots of things to catch up on. I still have to dig out the chiminea (unless the snow gets melted by the sun that looks like could get nice and strong today.) It’s going to be a full weekend — and I shall keep you posted!

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2 Responses to Tuesday Again!

  1. Paula Rockwell says:

    Oh, I hadn’t thought for a moment that the chiminea would need digging out!!! I thought you were a year rounder….I am looking forward to meeting Holly and Charlie, rehashing fantasy football, tasting some home brews, basic banter etc…Get digging!


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