Tuesday Catch Up

I read through the post-match quotes re. yesterday’s USWNT win over Norway at the Algarve – and continue to just love Pia’s detailed and forthright comments … for example:

(On the ebb and flow of the match)  You can imagine that you have a team running at you the whole time and doing everything to win, but still we did not give up a goal. That is a very good thing with this team. We find a way to win. I think we created a running game, a transition game, and I would say we were a little bit naΓ―ve. We could have been a little more tactical and kept possession a little bit more, but we were eager to go forward when we didn’t have to. I think that is a lesson to learn. If you want to win a tournament, you have to know how to dictate the tempo, and I would say we didn’t do a good job of that today. Still, the defending, especially the back four, and Hope had another good game.”

Great (too) to see that Kacey White and Kendall Fletcher both got a full 90 in.  All 18 players on the roster have now had game time in Portugal.  Next up, Sweden (tomorow).  And Pia says … “Regardless of what you have done before the final, everyone has the feeling of loving to play in the final. I think all 18 are ready to go. The fact that we are playing Sweden makes it a little interesting. I will have my best friend sitting on the other bench (asst. coach Lilly Persson). It would be cool to win that game.”

On Sunday night, the Obama’s and a star-studded crowd celebrated Ted Kennedy’s 77th birthday at the Kennedy Center.  (Rush Limbaugh did not attend.)

Meanwhile, John McCain says he’s working with the President … ??? Unfortunately, the economy doesn’t appear to be one of the areas where he’s doing that.  In fact, he continues to be a proponent of the bizarre economic policies that the GOP seems wedded to – despite mountains of evidence indicating that the ideas DON’T WORK!  I don’t trust the McCain rhetoric, my friends.  This past election proved to me that he’s not the straight talker that so many in NH embraced nearly a decade ago.  Maybe he wasn’t then, either.  And the GOP infighting continues apace.  with Michael Steele and Rushie being just the tip of the iceberg.

Meanwhile – the countdown to the start of the WPS season continues.  Get your Breakers’ season tickets here … πŸ˜‰

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