Of Citi, UConn and the USWNT

Okay, of that group, which one(s) would you put your money on?

Citi had a good day and the market bounced … meanwhile, Newsweek has put out a great piece outlining the warring amongst the rich – a greed-fed battle they dub “the war between the estates.”

In the past two years, since the market peaked, investors have suffered some $11 trillion in stock losses. Of course, stock ownership is more widely spread today than it has been in the past. But wealth is also much more concentrated than it has been at any point since the 1920s. And so while all ships are swamped by a rising tidal wave, some of the yachts have suffered the most damage. The worst of the losses haven’t been in mutual funds and college-savings programs that cater to the middle class. No, when it comes to lighting piles of money on fire, blowing up assets, and generally causing financial carnage, the rich have been going at one another ferociously.

I know it’s petty and unwise .. but somehow the above makes me feel a little bit better about what is happening.  I do hope that Bush and Cheney … and all their evil minions … are taking hard, hard hits where it hurts.

Speaking of the rich … UConn rolled on last night, beating Louisville in what can only be termed a “decisive” fashion.  We’ll see Louisville again, thankfully, as they did not look like themselves against the Huskies.  (The Huskies, on the other hand, looked very much like themselves.)

If you’re a women’s b-ball fan and a Twitter aficionado, follow Rebecca Lobo on Twitter for the latest – should be interesting during the tournament.

Finally, Pia, Hege, and the USWNT face off against Sweden today at noon ET for the Algarve crown.  You’ll be able to follow the match on Matchtracker at the USSF homepage … I don’t think it’s on TV anywhere.  😦

Here’s the write-up of Sweden’s win over Germany in Nordic Football News (where the Damallsvenskan Newsblog has moved – gotta update my links!).  I’m hoping the US can do a bit more on the scoring front (especially as it looks like Sweden is on a roll on offense).

Stay tuned … and after this it’s clear sailing to the start-up of the WPS.  The opening game features the Sol vs. the Freedom (that’s Abby vs. Marta) on Sunday night 3/29/09.  This is right in the heat of March Madness … so have your DVR’s fired up folks – and get ready to be sleep deprived!

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