Brackets, AIG, Monday Meanderings

The Men’s bracket is up and some folks (you know who you are) have already made their picks.  The women’s bracket will be finalized this evening.  Then we have a couple of days to get everything set before the games are off and running.  I’m using the NYTimes Brackets this year – we’ll see how it goes.  Having some trouble figuring out how to set up some folks who don’t have e-mail currently … but I think I may have it licked.

On the AIG front, the outrage continues (and grows).  Robert Reich has a nice, albeit disturbing, summation of the situation on the Huffington Post.

This sordid story of government helplessness in the face of massive taxpayer commitments illustrates better than anything to date why the government should take over any institution that’s “too big to fail” and which has cost taxpayers dearly. Such institutions are no longer within the capitalist system because they are no longer accountable to the market. So to whom should they be accountable? When taxpayers have put up, and essentially own, a large portion of their assets, AIG and other behemoths should be accountable to taxpayers. When our very own Secretary of the Treasury cannot make stick his decision that AIG’s bonuses should not be paid, only one conclusion can be drawn: AIG is accountable to no one. Our democracy is seriously broken.

I would love to see the Administration step in and call their bluff.  Just say No!  Maybe the politicians will have to listen to the “populist surge” and take a stand.  I like this new kind of “surge” and hope that Obama will use his skills to harness it and help him do what needs to be done.  (And my fear is that the GOP could catch the wave and steer it into obstructionist nastiness if we’re not careful.) The Administration needs to continue along the lines described in this piece … relative to these obscene bonuses … and pursue “every legal means to deal with it,” as Christina Romer stated on Meet the Press yesterday.

sky-blue-kaiIn women’s soccer, Sky Blue FC defeated the Washington Freedom in a friendly this past weekend (3/14 to be exact).  The score was 1-0 – and Tasha Kai scored the game winner.  (Love the picture – not the usual Kai fare.)

I also see that the Sol defeated FC Gold Pride 2-0.  Marta wasn’t there for the Sol but I noticed a couple of familiar names on the Gold Pride roster … Brandi Chastain and Tiffeny Milbrett.  It’ll be interesting to see if they make the final cut.  (Probably would be good for ticket sales if they did – but not sure what their soccer abilities are these days …)

Stay tuned!

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