Brackets, Ignoring the GOP, and A Modest Proposal for Those AIG Bonus Folks … Happy Tuesday

So have you made your picks yet?  Sign up here for the men’s bracket and here for the women’s.  Click the link and then click “Join this group.”  You need to be logged in to your NY Times account for it to work.  If you have problems, post a comment and I’ll try to help.  Join the fun …

Oh, and you’ve gotta have it done before the games start – no latecomers this year (the NY Times is in control, not me!)  😉

ChristopherCornblog sent along this interesting bit of strategy for Obama and Congress .. basically, ignore the GOP.  I kinda like the sound of that – but doubt that Obama will go for it.

And AIG?  I think that the names and photos of every single person accepting a bonus should be published in newspapers, on the web, in People magazine … maybe in Post Offices, too.

I want to see who these folks are who feel that they should be receiving this cash in the midst of everything that is happening in the economy.  I want their faces – and names – and maybe some basic personal information (education, job title, hobbies) plastered all over the media.

Maybe they should be required to appear on The Daily Show for brief interviews with Jon Stewart, too.  Yeah, I like that.

Every last one of them should have lots of publicity … I really want to know who they are.  Let’s make ’em famous.

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3 Responses to Brackets, Ignoring the GOP, and A Modest Proposal for Those AIG Bonus Folks … Happy Tuesday

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Those AIG dudes probably left the country, too. It seems there is a definite lack of scruples and character in those ranks.

    And hey, Paula – welcome home! Glad you did your brackets. Syracuse, eh? I was tempted – but can’t NOT pick Villanova! 😉


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    holly, I see you have a few shake ups in the womens bracket..Glad you have UCONN going down…
    let the games begin!


  3. Holly says:

    I just heard that 11 of those AIG bonus taker’s (you know, the best and brightest) took the money and then quit their jobs.


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