Whoo hoo!

Phillies won, Red Sox won .. and I’ve got the Slingcatcher hooked up and working in Dewd’s room!

Meanwhile, the Breakers will be honoring soccer great Maren Meinert at the game with the Freedom on May 17th at Harvard Stadium.  WUSA fans remember her fondly as a key ingredient in the Breakers’ success – most especially in their final year (with Pia coaching).  I would not be the least bit surprised to see Pia at that game, either!  USWNT fans will also remember Maren as a key piece in Germany’s 2003 WWC championship!

And there’s lots of debate re. Daniela’s injury and Abby’s role in it … from Andrea Canales … to Mary Harvey … to Beulah … who makes a salient play about the reffing.

Oh, and it was Bompastor who was named player of the week … I like that pick a lot!

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7 Responses to Whoo hoo!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I’m mostly with you on that tackle by Abby … but also need to factor in my level of impatience (or something) with her. I feel like I don’t really give her a fair shake for some cranky reason.


  2. Ski says:

    On the Abby foul on Daniela accusation, I totally agree that Abby was out of line. It was a kick off after a goal for goodness sake, Daniela was wide opened and exposed. It wasn’t even noticed by the TV commentators; they implied that Daniela just fell down until they went back and saw Abby taking her out. Shame on you, Abby. It’s devastating for Daniela, for the Brazilians, for St. Louis and for the WPS.


  3. PS Feel free to change your password once you’re in, if you want.


  4. Nothing deliberate there … try your life partner’s name (all lower case) as a password. The dashboard is all new since you were last blogging, I think … but you’ll figure it out, no problem.

    As for the tailgating – we haven’t done it yet … but it seems like it’s well set up for hanging out. Lots of open parking area right around the stadium. As we were leaving in the rainy opening day, we saw that people had tents up and had clearly been partying … so it’s looking good for get-togethers!


  5. Stephen says:

    Two questions:

    1. What’s the tailgating scene like at the Breakers games? The biggest bummer with the WUSA version playing at BU was there was basically no chance to tailgate. Is it better now?

    2. I’m not sure if it’s deliberate or not, but I can no longer blog here – the login is not available to me. Is that user error?




  6. No – you don’t want one … but I think if we get the software onto your laptop you might be able to watch WPS soccer on your laptop via our TV. Let’s talk … 😉


  7. Alice says:

    Slingcatcher? Hmmmm! Does it work with a Kindle? Does it twitter? Do you need a Slingbox if you want to Slingcatch? Seriously, what’s it all about–its uses/misuses? Do I want one?


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