Thursday, in (Very) Brief

Nice bit here from Dave giving Dick a dose of his own medicine.

Pia has announced the USWNT roster for an upcoming friendly vs. Japan … 5/20 and 5/23 … meaning that 17 US players won’t be with thier WPS teams for a bit – but for the most part won’t miss any matches.  I was interested to see that, while the Breakers lose 4 players, one of them isn’t Lil.  The other team with 4 players called up is the Red Stars.

Speaking of red … the Red Sox and Phillies both lost.  Dang.

Finally, Joe the Plumber continues to dazzle with his mental acuity and grasp of the basics of self-promotion.  God hasn’t told him to run for office yet thankfully) … but I do have a sinking feeling that god will.  Goddamn!

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1 Response to Thursday, in (Very) Brief

  1. Ski says:

    No Cat Whitehill. I thought her NT days were through with Pia at the helm.


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