Tuesday Rain and Randomness

First off, from ChristopherCornblog, here’s something you’ve gotta see!

In soccer news, Daniela was named WPS Player of the Week after her 2-goal performance against the Freedom.  Sadly, I am guessing that she is lost to the Athletica for the rest of the season after what looked like a bad leg injury.  (I have not seen anything definitive about her injury … but read somewhere that she passed out from the pain, back in the locker room.  Ugh!)

On the run shortly – but I liked this Politico feature – POLITICO 44 billed as a running diary of the Obama Presidency.  (Still amazing to me- that I could read something about the President with interest and a feeling of pride.)  According to The Whiteboard:

It’s a day of closed-door meetings for Obama and absolutely no interaction with the press.

After receiving the daily briefing, POTUS will meet with Democrats serving on the Energy and Commerce Committees to discuss energy independence, health care reform and other legislative priorities. In the afternoon, after a one-on-one lunch with Biden, Obama will meet with Israeli president Shimon Peres. Expect the two leaders to discuss Obama’s call for an independent Palestinian homeland as well as Iran’s nuclear program. — Amie Parnes (4:00 a.m.)

He is actually working, talking, thinking.  And Dubya is clearing brush somewhere – which is the way it ALWAYS should have been.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox won their first game at the new Yankee Stadium.  The Phillies won, too … while the Celtics and the Lakers both lost their opening games in the next round of the NBA playoffs.  And here are a few Red Stars, singing the 7th inning stretch at last night’s Cubs’ game!


I continue to wrestle with setting up our Slingbox and Slingcatcher … but think I have it nearly figured out!

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