Good morning and happy Memorial Day 2009!

I got back from HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew’s house yesterday afternoon after a wonderful visit. We got the dock in up at the lake and even had time to catch a few rays on a lovely warm Saturday afternoon. I thought about going swimming — but then thought better of it!

The lilacs at their house were amazing, as were the hops climbing the hop trellis. Check out this video.


HollyCornblog’s homebrews just keep getting better and better– it’ll be interesting to see what she does with her homegrown hops once she gets them harvested.

Got home last night and was able to catch up on the news. RPE comes home tomorrow evening, after her time in Tanzania. Can’t wait to see her and hear about it all!

The Phillies beat the Yankees yesterday while the Red Sox beat the Mets.  Nicely done!  And I’ve got a brand spanking new Chase Utley Phillies T-shirt compliments of HollyCornblog! (Everyone here is quite jealous!)

This afternoon Dewd is cooking on the grill and Karen and Alice will be coming out later. I’ve got mowing on my schedule, along with the USWNT versus Canada game this evening (7 PM ET on the Fox Soccer Channel).

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