Phinally Phriday

It’s finally Friday, and after work today I’ll be driving over Hogback to HollyCornblog’s house! She says she’ll have the chiminea going and some homebrews ready for sampling when I get there!

In soccer news I see that, apparently, a share of the LA Sol is going to be up for grabs soon. Any buyers? Any suggestions? I wrote in and suggested Geena Davis … wouldn’t that be nice?

Speaking of the Sol, their final game against the Breakers (August 9) has been made the final regular-season TV game for the WPS — smart move. That means that the start time for this matchup will be 6 PM, not 7 PM as originally listed. This could determine the number one spot for the playoffs — it would be sweet if Boston snagged it!

Here’s a nice piece, too, about Pia’s plans for the USWNT. The Olympic win was nice, but Pia isn’t satisfied — nor should she be. Watching WPS play, it is clear that the internationals are tactically and technically way beyond the US players. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do before the 2011 Women’s World Cup. If anyone can do it, Pia can!

In other sports news the Phillies won and, I am assuming, the Red Sox did as well. I saw enough of the Sox game to see Big Papi get another hit!

Swarthmore College recently sponsored a poetry reading in honor of Katherine Morgan — much loved and hugely inspiring history professor. I’ve listened to only a bit of it, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you like poetry or have some connection to the principals!

On the news front, Obama continues to overturn Bush era encroachments on the Constitution (thanks, AMR, for the tip). Former VP Dick continues to speak and snarl. I wish the news venues (other than Fox, of course) would stop covering him. But then I guess I shouldn’t be mentioning him, either. It’s hard to pass up the temptation to snarl back.

Oh, and this exchange between Sean Hannity and Jesse Ventura was too good to not post …


I’ll probably be writing from HollyCornblog’s, but if not, have a great weekend!

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