Thursday Already!

I am in the midst of preparing for an annual retreat that I attend every June — an opportunity to reflect and explore. This year, I find myself thinking a lot about my father — appreciating and missing him in ways that I’d never have imagined several years ago. As I’ve been walking Willie, this week, it’s provided some nice quiet spans of time for thinking. Note to self: keep it up!

I’ll be writing about Dad more in the coming weeks. There’s something I like about the idea of random people Googling William L. Cornog, Jr. and finding out about him. (I am also fighting the inclination to post with equal candor and feeling about my mother — so that people can learn about Ann Murphy Cornog via my recollections and perceptions — perhaps not such a good idea right now — although it’s hard to write about one without including something about the other … to be continued.)

But anyway, what we have in the news this morning? I notice that the Breakers and the Freedom have garnered some fines and suspensions after last weekend’s game. Christine Latham and Tony DiCicco have both been spanked, as the WPS continues to take a hard line on what they see as bad behavior. Joanna Lohman also shared the hot water.  I do have to say that the elbow Latham threw looked pretty egregious on the replay. But what is it about the Freedom? I find it interesting that they have been somehow involved in every disciplinary matter thus far in this young season.

I loved the piece about Kristine Luckenbill, the pride of Paoli! She seems an interesting person, and I’m inclined to stop holding her Dartmouth connection against her. There is also a nice write up about a Texas product who doesn’t make my skin crawl-the Breakers’ Kasey Moore.

Ah, but since were on the subject of Texas, I can’t pass up the opportunity to post these photos (found among the Huffington Post) of the luxurious but tacky looking Bush residence down in the Lone Star State. What an empty looking domicile — fitting for its occupants.  More bathrooms than bedrooms … hmmmm.

In other world news we’ve got Obama interviewing potential justices, Arlen Specter defending Nancy Pelosi, and the GOP attacking her.

Finally, we’ve got the USWNT facing off against Canada on Monday. The game is slated to be televised on Fox soccer Channel — 7PM ET — should be fun to watch!

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3 Responses to Thursday Already!

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    Thanks you for both the link and the “rant”!

    I had not come upon the info about preemption and am so pleased to see yet another bushy bit bulldozed. (Not sure what to blame that alliteration on … maybe just a long day.

    I agree that Obama needs to choose his battles … but I do wish the Democrats had more of a backbone.


  2. AMR says:

    Errr…that post above is totally misleading. The link is what I was bringing to your attention. The rant was a result of no caffeine yet. Please know that the two are not intended to be related.

    Link – preemtion

    Rant – political justification

    Continue on as you will


  3. AMR says:

    Not too sure if you saw this. If you did, my bad!

    I was conversing with a west coast friend into the wee hours this morning about the whole torture, photos, etc. situation and he brought up a great point. He said that Obama has A LOT of work to do in Congress (ie: health care, deficit, the whole shebang) and, introducing those photos may very well bring all those efforts to a screeching halt.

    Now, I am all for prosecuting those who hurt others but I’d also like to see Obama get our country out of this you know what hole we’ve been thrown into. Certainly a tough decision either way but I feel a little more at peace knowing that he is just trying to get some amazing things accomplished and he isn’t trying to protect the Bushies.

    Despite some of his recent decisions, I would say that he still gets my vote…


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