Wednesday Wanderings

So, if you haven’t been watching Jon Stewart lately, you’ve got to check out his recent sendup of the news that we are being fed by the various networks that purport to feed us. It’s great stuff!

Turning to the Lone Star State, I am very pleased to see that Cindy Sheehan has followed Bush to his lair and is disrupting his peaceful retirement. You go girl!

On the WPS front, we’ve got some news on the league’s global ratings, as well as their performance on the TV ratings front. Not bad, I’d say.

It’s another gray day here in Canterbury — looks to be a damp week, all told. Dewd just headed off for Deer Island couple of hours ago. Ruby’s gonna be cranky — and I’m shutting my door so she doesn’t take her ire out on any of my belongings!  (Bored, alone, and cranky – a bad combination when it comes to the Rubster!)

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