Cloudy Canterbury Day

Well, I kind of blew it on the time front this morning. It’s a gray one here in Canterbury — such a contrast to the brilliant sun and clear blue sky that we had yesterday.

I took advantage of the weather yesterday and went on several slow walks with Willie — two up and down the driveway, and one looping through our woods. His energy, though limited, still allows him to be mobile and enjoy life!

I loved watching him walk ahead as he always does, sniffing the ground, listening, looking around — aware of layers and layers of reality that I can’t even perceive. And it felt poignant, too, seeing him forge ahead, knowing that at some point he’s going to turn a corner and we won’t see him anymore.

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2 Responses to Cloudy Canterbury Day

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    We have a Westie (Ruby) who is your Springer’s compatriot. She seems to have a teflon coating when it comes to obedience classes!


  2. Anne says:

    I used to enjoy going for a walk with my dog a Springer Spaniel who felt ift was his bound duty to escape whenever he was let off the lead – we did take him on 2 courses of dog training- the instructor decided he was quite mad!


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