And We Begin Anew

And so we begin the second full week of June. Here in New Hampshire as the sun rises, the sky is cloudless and there’s a light breeze rustling the leaves on the trees at the eastern edge of the field. Willie slept in RPE’s room and made it down the steps without mishap this morning — good signs for the coming day!

Speaking of RPE, she heads off for her first day of summer work,where she’ll pick up where she left off with Climate Counts. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes!

Yesterday afternoon/evening we had a neighborly gathering here as RPE shared Tanzania pictures and stories. Each time I feel like I learn something new!

After everyone left we watched about 20 minutes of the LA Sol – Washington Freedom matchup. Twenty minutes was about all we could manage before dozing off. So I’ll skip the WPS scores for now, rather than ruin the surprise.  The Phillies pulled out a nice win over the Dodgers … yippee!!

In a quick scan of the news, I found this article about the president’s economic team and, in particular, Larry Summers. He doesn’t sound like the nicest guy around, but I’m pleased to hear that he is taking a more populist stand than many expected.

In addition, I can’t say that I’m unhappy to hear that there’s lots of disagreement to be worked through as economic policies are developed. That disagreement is not something this administration is averse to strikes me as a very positive sign. I want people bringing their best ideas to the table and defending them energetically as policies are hammered out. Hopefully that means the solutions that emerge will be the best of the best — and not “answers” fabricated out of whole cloth to meet someone’s ideological predisposition.

Just sayin’ …

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