Fear and Trembling

Reading about the Uighurs in Bermuda, I am so struck by the incredibly fear-based lives that we live here in the US of A … juxtaposed with the calm and sanity of those we have abused …

But proposals to resettle them in the United States caused a political furor that the Obama administration did not want to aggravate. On Sunday, these four expressed a surprising lack of bitterness toward the United States, saying — as they had during interrogations years ago in Guantánamo — that they had never been anti-American and just wanted to get on with their lives.

“Before we were asking, ‘Why are the Americans doing this to us?’ ” said Mr. Abdulahat. Now, he said, with others nodding in agreement, “We have ended up in such a beautiful place. We don’t want to look back, and we don’t have any hard feelings toward the United States.”

Fueled by 8 years of fear-mongering – we are a culture of narcissistic victims looking over our shoulders, thinking everyone is out to get us.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if it were true – given the privilege that we seem to feel empowered to flaunt – and the way that we have treated people and cultures around the world.  But the world is often a wiser and more mature place than we, in our terror of terrorists, can fathom.

Could it be our consciences that haunt us and have us jumping at shadows?  Could it be, Dick, that you know what you have done and fear the retribution that would be swift and merciless … were vengeance yours?

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2 Responses to Fear and Trembling

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    It is just-too-perfect, I agree!


  2. AMR says:

    I will never get over the irony that comes with his name being Dick.


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