Monday – Getting Back

Getting back on track after a great weekend … and I must admit that sleeping in was a big temptation this grey Monday.  But the day beckons and time stands still for no one.  Yup.

So I see the Phillies avoided a sweep – losing two but coming back on Sunday and chasing my absolute least favorite of the Red Sox … Josh Beckett … right out of the game.  Jimmy Rollins (we hope) is back on track.  Wouldn’t mind at all of he and Big Papi followed a similar trajectory and both had fabulous summers!

On the soccer pitch, though A-Rod looked better than in previous games, the Breakers lost their first home match … at the hands of The Athletica.  Next up – FC Sky Blue on Wednesday night at Harvard Stadium!

In Iran, demonstrations continue and, in a reversal, the supreme leader has ordered an inquiry into the voting.  (This link is to a fascinating, live feed of news streaming in from Iran …)  If you go to Twitter and search under #iranelection you can see the Twitterfeed

Social media at its best!

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