One Down …

So, the news of the world, in no particular order, includes the fact that the Phillies lost to the Red Sox in 13 innings, on the strength of a single by Jacoby Ellsbury. (BJ and Paula R are happy!) Two more games to go folks.

We’ve got another round of WPS previews, as well as a nice profile of the Breakers’ break out defensive star, Sue Weber.  This weekend’s games will help break up a 3-way tie for third place in the WPS – an slot the Breakers would like to move out of tomorrow!

Michael Rowe has put up some good commentary on the Huffington Post about right wing hate speech and whose hands are bloody after horrific events like this past week’s shooting in DC (or the murder in Wichita). Ann Coulter, are you listening? Do you have a soul? A brain that computes anything beyond craven self-interest?

Then we’ve got another piece by Greg Mitchell, who’s done little exploring about what the white supremacists have to say about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum. It is so weird to think, as I look out my window and watch the sunrise, that the landscape harbors whole populations of ideologically skewed creatures who move among us, thinking such weird and paranoid and destructive thoughts. It feels like what you see when you pick up a stone and all sorts of things scurry toward the shadows.

I guess if you’re a white supremacist, you would find my words the typical condescending liberal crap. It’s amazing to me that there can exist such a huge divide in so-called rational thought. Is it rational? Or is one of us crazy?

I certainly react to the far right as if it were crazy. Is it possible that it isn’t? And if it is, how can there be so many people who subscribe to its notions? Do they really believe all that stuff?  Does Ann Coulter drink the Kool-Aid that she makes a living off of?  The cynic in me says no — but that’s mostly because I can’t fathom subscribing to that worldview.

From Michael Rowe’s piece …

There was a time when decency, even honor, was an essential part of the American dialogue in its most ideal form, and part of its very identity. There was a time when our culture would have recoiled in horror at the vituperation flowing unchecked from radios, televisions, and the Internet, instead of applauding it as “common sense,” “free speech,” or “mavericky,” or “a spin-free zone.”

There was a time when intellectual honesty was not considered unpatriotic; when compassion for, and understanding of, your fellow man was a sign of strength, not weakness. There was a time when the phrase Have you no shame? meant something, and the First Amendment was not used as toilet paper to wipe up the excremental verbal degradation of vulnerable segments of the American population. A time when it was expected that citizens would understand the difference between free speech and irresponsible speech. Somewhere along the line, a cancerous segment of American popular culture and media cunningly metastasized themselves to the long-standing, honorable American “cowboy” motif and mentality, and recast it in their own image. They grafted cruelty, divisiveness, and ignorance to it, making the two appear indistinguishable, and natural allies. And they are neither, or at least ought not to be.

Well, it’s about time to start the day. I’ll be signing off till Monday morning, most likely. Hope you have a great weekend.

In the interim, anyone who could (please) stop by and explain the far right would be most welcome!

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2 Responses to One Down …

  1. Stephen says:

    Ironically, if the world vision of the right wingnuts ever came to pass, the majority of them would be clamoring for help, stability, more governmental control, less violence and hatred, etc. A part of me almost wishes that Texas would secede and become that utopia of right-wingedness: no government, no rules, every person for themselves, no blacks/hispanics/asians, lots of flags and burning crosses, 12 guns per person, freedom to solve all of your problems through violence and anger, no thinking, no gays, no disabled people, 4.3 million churches per cubic meter, an endless supply of bad beer, oil wells in every yard, lots of wildlife to shoot, poison and destroy, and Rush Limbaugh as Supreme Leader. Then everyone would get what they want: the uneducated, redneck right-wingers would have their perfect world, and the rest of us would be rid of them.

    I think I’ll start a petition, who’s in?


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    J,I have similar wonderings in my life about all the different people and beliefs in the world. How can evil exist and at times flourish? I bought a season ticket to the music hall in portsmouth 150 bucks for 40ish summer flicks. Went to see Sin No-Ambre last night.Its a movie about the dangerous trek to the north, from Mexico, its horrific gangs and how they corrupt young and old alike. The violence, the seemingly hopelessness of some youngsters that want to escape the gangs..As we walked home, I thought of how lucky I am with the life that I have and was born into..whew!!
    Anyways, your analogy to picking up a rock and finding the creepy, crawly creatures scurry was quite descriptive..
    Go RED SOX!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.


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