Friday Fulminations

First off, here’s a post from The Time Finder that I read this morning and really liked. Reframing self-care as a responsibility, rather than a luxury, sure sounds helpful to me.

I see in the news that the election in Iran is underway and too close to call. Whatever happens, it does feel to me like things on the world stage are shifting, having been frozen in various postures of stiff extremism for the past eight years.

And here’s an interesting op ed from the Times re. the Supremes (thanks, Alison)!

To hear both critics and defenders talk about the fitness of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, you’d think the most successful Supreme Court justices had been warm, collegial consensus-builders. But history tells a different story. Measured by their lasting impact on Constitution and country, many of the greatest justices have been irascible, socially distant, personally isolated, arrogant or even downright mean.

Stephen J. Field, appointed by Lincoln, once insulted a woman’s romantic past so outrageously from the bench that her husband later attacked him on a train – and was shot dead by Field’s bodyguard. Louis D. Brandeis was famously distant: one of his law clerks recounted working until the small hours of the morning on a challenging opinion; as he slid his draft under the justice’s door, silent fingers pulled it through, with no human acknowledgment of the joint effort.

The Phillies and Red Sox both beat their respective New York rivals last night, and will now face off in a weekend series. I’ll be otherwise occupied for a portion of the weekend, and so will miss out on some, but not all, of the fun!

There are several WPS tidbits out on the airwaves this morning, including:

  • An article about the flair that the foreigners bring to WPS play.  This is a boon for the USWNT, overall.

    U.S. players also are getting more of an opportunity to learn and practice the possession game favored by U.S. national coach Pia Sundhage.

    “It’s very clear that (Sundhage) wants the ball on the ground,” WPS chief operating officer Mary Harvey says. “You see WPS teams playing that. You’ve got seven (coaches) with slightly different attacking styles, (but) you don’t really have long-ball teams.”

  • The weekly power rankings — where we expect the Breakers to begin to rise, starting Sunday evening!
  • An article about Mia in retirement.  “The WPS’s logo is a silhouette of Hamm striking the ball, her iconic image as much a part of the future as it was the past.”

Oh yeah – and the Eagles and Donovan are happy together .. and heading to the Superbowl.  You read it first on JordanCornblog!

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