Friday, Friday, Friday

ChristopherCornblog is heading to the lake today, for what looks like it could be a rainy visit there with HollyCornblog and CharlieHopbrew. I do hope it’s relaxing and fun, nonetheless — and maybe the sun will peek through a few times. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

I’m back at work for day two — and still catching up with e-mails and such.

Scanning the news, I see that the white supremacist shooter who snuffed out the life of a guard at the Holocaust Museum, appears to have indulged in child pornography. While the news venues are careful to indicate that this is all “alleged” and “suspected” at this time, I’m not inclined to give the bastard the benefit of the doubt — any more than he did (or would) to anyone else.

Isn’t it ironic how these vicious right-wingers are always the ones with the hidden fetishes and weird, repressed, proclivities?

Twisted minds bearing the fruit of twisted deeds.

I think of my grandfather on my mother’s side — then think better of it — why start the day on that note!?

Shifting gears (but only a little) I see that Dubya is beginning to criticize Obama. I guess we should be thankful for the silence that we got. It’s nice to see that Dubya’s contribution to the discussion is a substantive as we’d expect from that incisive and curious mind. I say go back to scooping poop — and invite Dick to join you, please!

On the soccer front, here’s an article about the Breakers’ recent game with some mention, at the end of the newest WPS expansion team — down in Atlanta.

The Beat goes on!

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