Daschle's Plan and What's Up, Barack?

Catching up on the news of the week, and feeling kinda naive (or something).  Why the hell is Tom Daschle stepping into the Health Care debate, getting all mushy and placating about the publilc option, and offering up a plan of his own?  Wasn’t he kinda kicked out of the game?  Is he mad at Obama … or missing the limelight … or what?  I see that he’s been backing away from his earlier statements … but hell – we sure don’t need this now.

Here’s contact info for Daschle (and others) from the Daily Kos – in a post featuring lots of info about healthcare reform.  You’ll be reaching Tom at his law firm office where he lobbies for health insurance companies, among other clients whom I imagine to be equally trust-inspiring relative to this debate!

Hold your ground, Barack!

Speaking of holding your ground … I like the way that Judge Emmett Sullivan is handling the question of whether or not to release those Cheney interview transcripts in CREW v. Cheney … even while Obama is morphing into Bush on the subject of transparency.

What’s up with that, Barack?

Power corrupts … is that the story?  Shit – I hope it’s not that simple, boring and depressing.  Better turn to the simpler world of soccer, eh?

The USWNT is heading to Germany for a friendly this fall – and Pia is apparently worried about the players’ fitness levels.  Check out the BigSoccer discussion thread here for more detail (and debate) …  Sounds like Carli … among others … needs to get on the stick.  (I kinda hope Carli waits ’til after the Breakers and Red Stars play today, to come out of her funk.)

Here’s Goal.com’s WPS preview for the weekend … which finds the Freedom facing off against the Athletica … while the Breakers meet the Red Stars in Chicago today.  Sunday’s 6PM TV match-up has the Sol vs. the Pride.  Who do you like?  I’m going with the Athletica, the Breakers, and FC Gold Pride … out on a (shaky) limb with my heart in my hand, of course.

Meanwhile, the Phillies are slumping (getting pummeled by the AL is what’s happening).  Hopefully they’ll get back on track soon … and that’s about it for now.  Gotta get out in the garden before the sun gives way to rain again!

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