What Do You Think?

I’m experimenting with a new look … just because … this morning.  Need to figure out how to tweak the rotating photos … and maybe the background color … but I think I like it so far.  Feedback welcome!

It’s cloudy here in Canterbury, as the rains get ready to pour down again.  Red Sox won … Phillies lost (yet again) and the Breakers play the Red Stars today in Chicago.  A-Rod … this is YOUR game!

Boring stuff, eh?

Well, HAPPY SOLSTICE and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY then, how’s that?

Oh yeah – last night I saw Easy Virtue at Red River … and didn’t like it.  Had I known that it was a Noel Coward play I might have felt differently – certainly would have affected my expectations.  In searching around on-line, I was interested to see that Easy Virtue was first performed in 1925 – and first made into a movie (silent) in 1927 … with Alfred Hitchcock directing.

Best get moving here – LOTS of computer work on tap for today.  (And I hope to not get too distracted by tweaking my new blog theme … we shall see!)

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5 Responses to What Do You Think?

  1. JordanCornblog says:

    I hear you … I’m working on getting the pictures to change – it may just be that they change each time you open it up (or refresh the page). I am also trying to fix that header piece … but what I LIKE about the new theme is that it feels a lot more readable to me … the posts, I mean. Maybe this change will improve their quality, too! ;>)


  2. Paula Rockwell says:

    Hmmmm, Change????????????? I agree with alice in that I cannot read your “quirky thoughts…banner” and I don’t see the pictures changing. But other than that..I will get used to it….:)
    have a good day!


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    I’m not wild about the color scheme, either – but I like the readibility of the postsbetter … I’m working on tweaking the rest! ;>)

    PS I think the Breakers’ game is going to be webcast …


  4. Alice says:

    Oops! I see the photo changes–that beach scene is just one of many. Hmmmm. Sorry about jumping the gun with my critique. Still, I’d prefer more personalized rotating photos; ie JordanCornblog testing brew; weeding; mowing; yelling at the tv……………..


  5. Alice says:

    Re. new look: I’m not wild about the color–comes through on my computer as too dark above your masthead so the blog description (“quirky thoughts,”etc.) can’t be seen. Masthead background color comes through on my computer also as a sickly mustardy green. It’s not YOU. And what’s with the palm tree/beach scene? No! No! Not NH! Or NY! Or Philly even! As my father always said, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!” It was his mantra as he sat around smoking, finding fault and being cranky; or sleeping (in the livingroom requiring everyone to be QUIET). I guess I’m feeling nostalgic on this Father’s Day. And a bit cranky…………….
    Happy solstice to one and all.


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