Break in the Weather

There’s an odd, bright light in the sky this morning, and a strange bluish tint between the clouds. What could it be? Something to worry about? It seems benign enough — but so at odds with our recent weather but it does give pause.

The deer must be on the move around here, as Willie and Ruby have both been very restless — constantly wanting to go out and sniff the air. Last night when I got home from a meeting Willie asked to go out, and I let him. (We know better than to let Ruby out like that at night.) For the first time in MANY weeks, he took off. At first my calling elicited no response — but then I was quite relieved to hear his jingling collar racing up the hill — my feelings a mixture of annoyance that he had disappeared, and happiness, that he had the energy and interest to take off and then come running back. He also slept on my bed for the second time in as many nights — something he hasn’t done for a while.

So it’s up and down on the Willie front. The meds seem to be staving off the inevitable and, for now, definitely giving him some good quality of life. That’s all to the good!

And speaking of “all to the good” I see that A-Rod has been named the WPS player of the week — kudos to her! I hope her scoring ways continue against the Freedom tomorrow. I don’t know what it is about Abby and the Freedom, but they just make me mad — always have — going back to the WUSA. I do like Sonia Bompastor, however – and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her play tomorrow night!

Actually, my heart goes out to DC right now (the Freedom notwithstanding) after yesterday’s terrible train wreck. It’s so horrifying to think of what can happen in a split second — how fragile we are — and how fragile are the constructs that we create to keep ourselves feeling safe. That scene looks like an old HO train set that someone just picked up and crushed. Scary.

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