Wainy Wednesday? (Not)

Yesterday was the 37th anniversary of Title IX … 37 years.  I like that the milestone coincides with the 10th anniversary of the 1999 Women’s World Cup.  Alice (thanks!) sent me a link to “License to Thrive” – a documentary chronicling the passage and impact of Title IX.  We’re hoping it’ll come to Red River … or be available via the Ironweed DVD Club.  It’s for sale at the “License to Thrive” site, too … in case anyone wants to send JordanCornblog a copy.  ;>)

What else?  The Phillies appear to have emerged from their funk .. defeating the Rays handily.  (Sorry, Mo!)

The Breakers are gearing up for a trouncing of the Freedom tonight … in which they will also secure a spot in second place in the WPS standings.  That will be nice to see!  (Sorry, Beulah!)

The Athletica play LA tonight, too – in a match-up that could mightily challenge the Sol.  (Let’s hope so[lo]!)

And what’s up with Mark Sanford?  Hiking the Appalachian Trail?  Boarding a plan?  Apparently he’s supposed to be back today … but you have to admit it’s kind of odd behavior.  I did some Googling and found his Wikipedia profile.  He’s a GOPer with a penchant for evading his handlers and disappearing.  Touted as a possible GOP candidate for 2012, I’m thinking he’s gotta get himself under better control.

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