Totally Overwhelmed Thursday

Yikes — by 5:30 AM I was on total overload this morning! How can you feel behind the eight ball and overwhelmed so early in the day? Not good. Not good at all. I’m gonna need to check in with myself tonight, that’s for sure!

It’s interesting — when I’m feeling overwhelmed like this my mind turns into my enemy. I find myself generating additional things for my to do list, and thinking up all sorts of little tasks that I “should do” but haven’t even thought about for weeks or months. Pile it on, JordanCornblog!

News of the world, I’m happy to report that the Breakers actually did beat the Freedom! We ended up not going, which was too bad but definitely felt like a wise decision at the time.  Christine Latham’s goal gave them the victory – and sole possession of second place!

Here’s a cool site that I want to add to my blog roll — introduced to me by a friend and Beagle aficionado. Hudson is a rescue dog who now blogs about his travels — very cool stuff!

Finally, no matter how overwhelmed I feel, there is great relief in knowing that I haven’t recently been to Argentina and am unlikely to go any time soon!

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