Wow – the Sun is Out!

Beautiful Monday morning here, as JPE heads back up to Deer Island (safe travels) and August moves into its first work week.  It’s so nice to feel the warmth and the non-soggy air.  Hopefully a harbinger of things to come. I could feel myself moving into a more hopeful frame of mind as the early morning clouds dissipated and the colors took on a vibrancy we haven’t seen a lot of (to date).

So what’s happening in the world?  I like the continuing unfolding of the Gates-Crowley saga … and it seems entirely appropriate that there would need to be more time for the two of them to talk.  Would that more folks could get their heads around what Gates so aptly pointed out to reporters yesterday:

He said he wants to produce a documentary from both the perspective of police and people who have been victims of racial profiling so “Americans can understand that you can have two equally valid perceptions of the same event.”

Equally valid … that can be a tough one for me to swallow, but I think I really need to look at it.

In Sarah Palin news (I know, I know, JPE – you hate this) … the blog The Immoral Minority has posted a story intimating that Sarah is looking to divorce Todd.  Based on info from an unnamed source, the post has netted threats of a libel suit … and yet, there are enough details to make one wonder.  Alaska Report is also posting this news and the story is cited on The Huffington Report.  I guess you could say that I am spreading rumors, since I’ve not verified any of this (nor would I begin to know how to).  Here I am, even citing The National Enquirer.  (See what happens when you leave town, JPE?)

I’m gonna get outside and into that sun … before this degenerates any further.  TTFN.

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