Birthers Demand to be Treated with Dignity

Here’s Orly Taitz … sounding very, very shrill …


More publicity for Orly, please!  Give her what she wants.  This will put an end to it, don’t you think?

(She does sound like a caricature, doesn’t she?)

And here’s Paul Krugman on why we need to be angrier at Wall Street than we already are.  I am endlessly flabbergasted at the nitpicking we engage in (as a society) around somthing like “welfare fraud” while tolerating the looting of our coffers by people who already have millions.  Corporate welfare – yes.  Having an actual safety net for those who need it – no f—ing way!  America, Land of the Shamelessly … Nay Proudly … Cognitively Dissonant.

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