Slim Pickings Today, I'm Afraid

Yup – late again!  Some tidbits here …

First … ChristopherCornblog’s car started smoking en route to the lake last night (and I don’t mean that it initiated an unhealthy and expensive nicotine habit).  Luckily he wasn’t far from Rensselaerville when it happened, so he was able to call HollyCornblog for a ride.  Too bad for him, though – his time on the dock will be somewhat curtailed by car headaches.  Hope it’s nothing dire!

The Phillies start Pedro tonight – which has Jamie Moyer miffed and some thinking they are acting desperate.  I’m holding my opinion … and glad to see they pulled out a win last night.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice interview with Alex Scott and Kelly Smith about their season with the WPS … as they head into the Euros.

Finally, here’s something from RPE that HollyCornblog, in particular, will find interesting.  It’s “Three Sheets Tanzania” – a drinking tour of Tanzania.  Apparently, this is but one episode of a drinking tour of the world … hmmm.  It’s actually pretty intersting.

Okay – I’m off.  HAND!

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