Grassley's End-of-Life Lies and Cheney Coming unglued …

Lovely, Chuck … how much has the insurance industry poured into your campaign coffers?  This is cold, cold stuff – unless you are unimaginably dumb, Senator, which I somehow doubt.


Meanwhile, Cheney is working on his memoirs and waxing slightly more talkative than usual.  Watch out, Dubya … methinks you’re about to get slimed.  It’s fun to watch the bastards turn on each other, isn’t it?

I’m going to be off-line for a few days … so am referring all JordanCornblog readers over to Boltgirl for the duration.  She’s on a roll.  (I especially enjoyed her treatise on Ms. Sarah P – you nailed it, Boltgirl!)

In the meantime – don’t forget to root for the Phillies and the Red Sox as they both return to their winning ways (nice welcome for Pedro, Phils)!

Oh, and Round 1 of the WPS playoffs takes place this Saturday at 4PM ET … Sky Blue vs. the Freedom … on FSC (no webcast from what I can tell … sorry, Alice.)  Go Blue!

Meanwhile the ousted teams look ahead … and I’m pleased to read that Kate Markgraf plans to be back for 2010.  That oughta give the Red Stars a nice boost.

Onward – and have a great weekend!

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1 Response to Grassley's End-of-Life Lies and Cheney Coming unglued …

  1. boltgirl says:

    Dear god, I don’t know if I can take the pressure. Wait, when do the WPS playoffs start? *pant pant*


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