Wow, Wow, Wow … What a Game!

Did I call it or what?  ;>)

Sky Blue FC played with passion all through that first half last night (we’re talking WPS playoff soccer, in case you were wondering) and beat the Athletica to move into the Final on the strength of defender Keeley Dowling’s goal off an assist from Yael Averbuch.  Without Hope Solo in goal for the Athletica, the score would have been 3 or 4 to nothing at the 45-minute mark.  The video clips are amazing!

In the second half, the Athletica pushed hard and came up with some decent chances, but Sky Blue held fast, and a battered and scarred Jenni Branam came up with the saves when she needed to.  (Is it just me, or does she seem exceptionally injury-prone?  Can’t argue with her skill, but I feel like there is something a tad odd going on with the undisclosed health/hydration issues and the “drama” of it all.  Not dissing her … but wondering.  There’s something there that reminds me of one or two teammates through the years, who were always falling and limping and otherwise being “wounded” and “brave” while the rest of us just kinda schlumped along.)  Maybe I’m just jealous!

And Christie Rampone?  What can I say?  She’s my vote for League MVP after all that she and the team have been through.  To be at this place now after two coaches evaporate and you experience a burst ovarian cyst?  That latter little event, alone, would have pretty much ruined my summer.  Way to go, Christie!

Now it’s on to the Home Depot Center and the Sol … and the first ever WPS Final.  That’s at 3:30 PM (ET) this Saturday on Fox Soccer Net!  And the good news is that the WPS will be back next year … even with losses (inevitable, I’d say, given the economy along with some very sketchy weather at many venues this spring) this first year.  Sounds like they have a sound business plan that can carry them through these tough times.  As a Breakers season ticket holder, I can attest to the fact that it’s a great deal … highly recommended!

As the WPS heads into their play-offs, over in the WNBA things are really starting to heat up.  The play-off picture is far from clear, as teams vie for post-season berths!  I love the Lynx … but they’ve gone very cold and need to turn it around to make it in … come on guys!  And how about the DreamChamique Holdsclaw and Angel McCoughtry?  Not bad …

And what else?  Phillies and Red Sox won … Barney Frank is my new hero … and I’m heading outside for a walk and some weeding … ;>)


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