Going Viral

HollyCornblog reported to be that yesterday while IMing with her friend Doris, she (Doris) called her (HollyCornblog) “Doltgirl.”

I’m of the belief that that is one of the first steps in going viral … whaddya think?  I should add that it is also a clear reflection of Doris’ undeniable cleverness which, if it carries over to the fantasy football venue, will have us all in trouble this coming season.

Okay, in the matter of the Euros, Germany rolled over Norway in early WWIIish fashion, and France defeated all those Icelandic “dottirs”, only to face Germany on Thursday.  Today it’s England-Italy and Sweden-Russia. Here’s a snippet about the England-Italy match:

Italy have four wins and a draw from five competitive encounters with England, a sequence of results which certainly gives credence to Ghedin’s desire for his charges to play “with no fear”. He is, though, wary of the threat posed by the team rated ninth in the world. “England have improved a lot recently,” he said. “They’re high up in the European rankings. I have seen them many times and I can say they definitely deserve that position. We have to be careful.”

The appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate interrogation abuses authorized by the Bush Administration is a good thing and I applaud Eric Holder for moving ahead.  I also hope that the scope of the investigation will widen as it moves forward … and kinda wish it were Patrick Fitzgerald at the helm.  But, according to the Washington Post, it’s John Durham … who I suspect I may come to like equally well.  Just be indefatigable, John, okay?

Sox and Phillies won … oh, and my Euro Fantasy team is doing slightly better than average (in case you were wondering).  Today will be telling!  ;>)

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