Heading into Another Hot Day

Sun pouring through humid air and drooping birches, beeches and maples, as we head into the final full week of August.  Soon RPE will be heading back to school and we’ll contemplate fall chores while watching the leaves turn (some have already started) and wondering how much snow there will be this winter.  Our sweet black lab Willie has made it through the summer (knock on wood) with good quality of life thanks to his every-other-day-dose of steroids.  His baseball career may be over … but the turnaround is well worth it, and pretty darn amazing, given how he was looking in late May.

Hope-Powell-001Soooo … what to write about?  I’m thinking Hope Powell – who gets my vote for the most interesting/talented coach in women’s soccer, after Pia, of course.

Here’s a great interview (circa 2007) about the English side and the women’s game.

And I love those dreadlocks!  And she was born on December 8 … ;>)

As England fields a strong and experienced team at this year’s Euros, she is keeping expectations modestly confident heading into tomorrow’s opener against Italy.

Carolina MoraceMight need to include Canada’s Carolina Morace in that list, too!  (Here she is in her playing days.)  I hadn’t realized that she was the 1997 World Player of the Year.  (I’m one of those latecomers to women’s soccer, having been oblivious prior to the 1999 WWC.)

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what she is able to do with the talented Canadian side – especially with the boost that the WPS gives the players in terms of minutes on the pitch.  The terrain at the next WWC will be interesting, indeed.  Wonder how the Germans will fare … especially after sitting out the WPS season in favor of preparing for the Euros?  Will it help?  (I’m hoping to see them upset …)

Speaking of the Germans, they play Norway today in day 2 of the Women’s Euro.  Meanwhile France and Iceland also go head-to-head today … as we continue to search for Euro video … and swelter through these dog days of summer, watching the thunderheads sweep across the sky … and racing around the house opening and closing windows.

Have a great Monday!

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