Blue Skies, Shining on Me …

Dog PileHere’s to you, Sky Blue!

Too bad a red card played into the mix – and overall I wish the officiating, all year, in the WPS, had not been quite as ‘obtrusive’ as it’s tended to be – but that takes nothing away from the Sky Blue story.

Christie Rampone gets my vote for League MVP.  (Oh, and in noodling around on the net last night, I saw that Ian Sawyers and Kelly Lindsey are both working at Julie Foudy’s Leadership/Soccer Camp.  Hmmmm wonder how they explain getting fired and/or walking out on the job to the campers.

Celebrating Heather's GoalAnyway, back to Sky Blue …

Nice to see HAO with the match winner, too!

Here are some video highlights from the WPS site.

And now it’s on (in sports, at any rate) to the WNBA Play-offs and the MLB play-offs and the start of football … and the Women’s Euro starting today!  A fellow twitterer posted this link to where it looks like you can link to EurosportUK and watch at least England’s matches.  (You have to go through GoalFanzine to get it to work – and follow the intructions.)  Hmmm … seems to be just news.  But maybe they’ll show England??? I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, there’s a light version of the Matchtracker that seems to work just fine for keeping up on scores.

Last night Bookeaters had a wonderful dinner in honor of “Julie and Julia” at Cafe Mirabelle in Portsmouth.  Next up – Alexander Nabakov’s Pnin.  (Anyone know of any good Russian Restaurants?)

FFootball teams are all set … for now.  And I’m signing off.  HAND!

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5 Responses to Blue Skies, Shining on Me …

  1. GFTVAdmin says:

    I can promise you guys if Goalfanzine has on its schedule that England are playing then we will find as many streams as possible, England will never be on Eurosport UK, SKY and ITV have the sole television rights.
    Regards to all


  2. Alice says:

    I am still savoring last night’s meal. UMMMM! But looking ahead, I found two promising Russian eateries–both in Brookline:


    Victor’s Restaurant

    Did you find Pnin available via Kindle?


  3. boltgirl says:

    Ahhhhh, Euro updates! Thanks for that widget!

    In other news, I have finally discovered what Twitter is good for: making me feel like I’m BFF with Kelly Smith and Alex Scott, but, uh, in a totally non-stalkery way. Honest.


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