Happy Weekend – and Go Sky Blue!

As I write I am listening to Jon Stewart’s interview with Betsy McCaughey – the promulgator of the death panel drivel (although I believe Sarah Palin may actually deserve credit for the term).  A dangerous combination there.  But watch the interview … watch the caginess, the pandering to the audience, the lack of substance.  What a dangerous piece of fluff!  What a hateful fool!  And no, I am not speaking about Jon Stewart.  Of all the issues that require honest, open, meaningful debate … ain’t healthcare a big one?

I put this all on us, though, ultimately … we get what we ask for … what we pay for … what we vote for.

Digging a little deeper into the roil of spin and propaganda around healthcare, I read a recent Rasmussen Report indicating that the public option does have the support of voters – and that in its absence, support dwindles significantly.  What I really don’t get are the numbers of uninsured or self-insured – the Joe-the-Plumbers – who get all het up about this and are anti-everything.  It’s like watching people get all frenzied, scared and hateful then watching some more as they, in paroxyms of rage and paranoia, cut their own throats … while rich guys at insurance and pharmaceutical companies smile their self-satisfied smiles and pat their soft bellies and their big wallets.

And can we stop it with the polls for a bit?  We reduce everything to a popularity contest, and take the temperature of the President’s approval as though we were middle schoolers (actually, this is an offense to middle schoolers).  Anyone who is trying to get something done is going to upset people in the course of getting there.  As details unfold and are debated, as choices are made (or even just discussed) there will be reactions.  There will be tweaking.  Measuring “popularity” at each step along the way is distracting and distorting.  (Of course, I did not mind so much, when we were watching Bush’s numbers plummet … but then again, he wasn’t actually trying to do anything.)

Oh, and while we’re at it, could we stop it with the name calling?  Nazism should be only be evoked in the most dire of circumstances and when it actually reflects a meaningful comparison.  And I would like to require that all angry, repressed, probably-abused-as-children, foaming-at-the-mouth right wingers be required to read up on projection and transference before speaking out about anything … again … ever.

Oh, and did I mention racist?  After all, that is probably at the heart of it … the fears of the white man whose “place” is sorely threatened by reality these days.  Playing on those fears is a dangerous and irresponsible game – and one that much hay is being made of by the O’Reilly’s and Beck’s and Hannity’s and Palin’s … and countless others … of this world.

Enough, already.  I’m probably cranky because the Sox and Phillies both lost last night.  (And is it just me, or do you think their wins and losses seem in lock-step these days?)  Perhaps it’s a pattern that won’t end ’til the World Series.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

On the soccer front, here’s an article about the Sol … and their recent, very beatable-looking trajectory.  meanwhile, Sky Blue have just 90 more minutes between them and an amazing Cindarella story ending!  Here’s a great preview by Jacqueline Purdy on ESPN.com.

Meanwhile, England’s women prepare for the Euro’s with high hopes and expectations.  Follow the women’s euro matches here … still looking for info about webcasts.  Anyone out there know anything?  Guess I’m gonna need to put the question out on Twitter … ;>)

And last but not least by any stretch … a sad and beautiful meditation on the power of the spoken word by Boltgirl …

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend – and Go Sky Blue!

  1. AMR says:

    You wonder why people are freaking out? Because the insurance companies have literally spent BILLIONS of dollars advertising and brainwashing people into believing that they are the good guys. Of course, that smoke screen is quickly lifted when you actually NEED insurance but, heck, we’ll deal with that issue when it happens.

    The most amazing part of it all is the true selfishness of it all. People truly believe that health care reform will have a downside to them and only them. Where is the perspective in all this? Truly, it is maddening to watch as the smear campaign continues across the country.

    Oh, and why don’t we care about what the Iraq war has meant to our wallets? I find it rather ironic that patriotism is defined by how many lives can be lost versus how many lives you can save in your own nation…..


    • Great point(s). The lack of perspective is very disheartening. Hope Obama is able to have some truly rejuvenating downtime this (brief) vacation. (Don’t know why that popped into my head – maybe cuz it’s Monday morning)!


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