Last Thursday in August

… and already it is feeling like September.  No complints here (except about the rapid passage of time).


I came awake this morning with a bit of a start after some of the most vivid dreams of Judy I’ve had in quite awhile.  Came awake to realize that I was dreaming and it’s been 10 years and no, I wasn’t just sharing a meal with a healthy and vibrant Judy.  No, it’s been 10 years since Judy died.  Her sister Annie is visiting – which no doubt had something to do with the dreams.  Time.

It makes me wonder about absence and presence … what is real.  What I carry in my heart and in my memory can have as much reality as this keyboard I am pecking at right now … in this moment which slides into memory as soon as it’s marked.  What is real?  What isn’t?

Hey, maybe Rush Limbaugh isn’t real!  I like that thought.  Cheney?  Check.  Grassley?  Check.  Palin?  Of course, unreal.

Enough dreaming and rambling … other news?

The WPS All Star Game is this Sunday.  They’ll play Swedish league champions Umeå IK at The Anheuser-Busch Soccer Park in Fenton, MO, with kick-off scheduled for 5:30pm ET/4:30pm CT. The game will be televised live nationally on Fox Soccer Channel starting at 5PM ET.

Pia has named her roster for the USWNT’s September camp – as she prepares for a match vs. Germany.  Will it be televised?  That would be cool!

No Lil (she must have taken herself out of he running) and no Rampone … congrats, Christie – you are all the more amazing in my mind!  And speaking of amazing players – here are some thoughts from staffers re. the WPS Championship MVP.

Meanwhile, in the Euros we’ve got Germany-France and Iceland-Norway today … and England plays tomorrow (vs. Russia) while Sweden and Italy face off.

Out of time … must go.  But first – welcome home, JPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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