Bits and Pieces on Friday Morning

From a friend came, last night, this post form the Daily Kos with a collection of editorial cartoons remembering and honoring Ted Kennedy.  As she suggested .. have some kleenex handy.

Over in Finland, Kelly Smith is playing hurt for England, who sorely need a win (no pun intended) against Russia today to remain in contention.  I don’t know – as I read about Kelly I kinda feel mad at Tony D – or maybe A-Rod.  Whatever happened there left Kelly carrying more of the offensive load for the Breakers than she should have had to.  I admire her pluck immensely – and hope she can play through the pain, not do herself any major damage, and help England to the win!

Here’s an interesting blog post about Hope Solo … it’s from – a nice blog newly discovered, thanks to Google Alerts.

… and I don’t know about you, but I refuse to vote in a poll about whether the President should wear a bike helmet or not.  Good grief, America!

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