Saturday – Just Saturday

Somehow it seems appropriate that the funeral for Teddy Kennedy should be in the rain.  Late summer rain.  A grey day – sad and kind of empty-feeling.  A pause.  The end of a season.  And much work, many beginnings ahead.

Speaking of work, I have a full plate of it for the weekend – so the rain is a relief in some ways.  But first on the agenda, a trek to the BHS track to run with RPE.  (Yours truly may … truly … sit in the car and read … unless the rain lets up, OR I suddenly become much more disciplined than I usually am!)  I shall keep you posted.

As is usual for me about this time of year, my thoughts turn to getting organized, getting into shape … just generally straightening up and flying right.  I have been struggling to figure out a time of day that will work for me – for exercising.  Right now I’m thinking that my best bet may be to run in town, before I come home from work.  It’ll provide a break – a sort of divider between work and home.  Also, the terrain in town is significantly less hilly.  The one drawback (I am embarrassed to say) is that I am embarrassed for people to see how out of shape I am.

Of course, in my imagination, everyone will be watching JordanCornblog run and thinking, derisively, “My, how she’s let herself go!” … “How silly she looks!” … that sort of thing.  In my mind’s eye, people will be lining the streets, laughing and rolling their eyes as I puff and huff by.

Egocentric?  You betcha!

So, yeah – I think I’m gonna commit to running after work … starting next week. And if I disappear from the blogosphere, you’ll know that I either died while running (another highly realistic worry of mine) or have not followed through and am too ashamed to admit it.

Other news?  Phillies and Red Sox won … the playoff picture is taking shape in the WNBA … and in the Euros, England beat Russia 3-2 in a wild match that ended with what sounded like an incredible goal, from distance, by Kelly Smith.  Keep it up, ladies!

Finally, here’s an interesting piece about soccer and good old radical politics from Jennifer Doyle on her blog From a Left Wing … where she’s also got highlights of the England-Russia match!  Watch to the end – it’s amazing!

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4 Responses to Saturday – Just Saturday

  1. Thanks for the reminder about the weather … I would like to think that’s why, but … ;>) And I appreciate the alternative suggestion for what people might be thinking!

    Anyway – no looking back! I got myself out here yesterday in the rain … today should be easier … one day at a time!


  2. Alison Scott says:

    This weather hasn’t been too conducive to working out this summer – how good that you’re using this opportunity to do good and do yourself a favor at the same time!

    Good luck working with the self-consciousness. Did it ever occur to you that many people may be thinking, “Damn! I should be out there running!” ?

    Thanks for the link to the Ted Kennedy tribute cartoons, very moving to me, too. So many memories of his fine work, and how he loved to throw himself into the good fight!


  3. JordanCornblog says:

    Yes … the internal dialogues can be pretty amazing. Looking forward to seeing you and talking FFootball. (Luckily we won’t be distracted by actual games yet.)

    Wow – field hockey starts Monday … what a harbinger of fall. Hope it goes well!


  4. Paula Rockwell says:

    My life has been abit busy the last month or so and I have missed checking in with your blog on a daily basis. I relate to your issues around getting into shape. My work is so physical that I often think “ahhh, that’s enough of a physical workout, I don’t need to go for a bike ride”..It’s amazing the 2 sides of your brain, how they work against each other..yes, no, its ok, tomorrow….tomorrow…
    Field hockey starts monday for me, gotta get my brain in gear along with my running etc.
    see you next weekend for some FF talk and oh yea, Dewd’s birthday


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