Da Do Run, Run, Run … Da Do Run, Run

Okay – it’s day two of running.  Haven’t gone yet but plan to.  The challenges will be days 3, 4 and 5!  Right now I am at the stage where I feel so good and so thankful that my body still works the way it is supposed to.  Today will probably go well … and then, if true to form, I’ll start developing a wee bit of hubris.  “This is great,” I’ll think!  I start picturing myself running easily up and down the hills of Canterbury.  Music from Rocky in the background. Yup, cocky.

Soon after that, I stop.  (“No time right now,” I tell myself.  “Tomorrow I’ll get out there.”)  I comfort and placate myself with thoughts like that.  Days, then weeks go by.  And that’s, then, that!

Not this time, though.  (This is another pretty typical thought … but it is within the realm of possibility that I could make it true!)  Choices, JordanCornblog, choices.

So what else do we have for today?  Well- the Phillies and Red Sox are out of sync .. Red Sox winning and Phillies losing (to the Braves) last night.  Hey Phils … not too many losses to the Braves, okay?  Dewd told me last night that some announcer was calling the Phillies the best team in baseball … would love to know who, so I can tweet him a thank you and congratulate him on his perspicacity!

Many/most of us here watched and cried our way through at least the eulogies for Teddy Kennedy yesterday.  It was pretty amazing to think about what was thrust onto his shoulders with the deaths of his two brothers … the burdens of the political expectations … along with familial responsibilities.  Certainly a flawed human being- but also a man, clearly, of compassion, great accomplishment, and gargantuan energies.  Obama’s eulogy was beautiful- as was Teddy’s.  Patrick seemed very wounded.

And each time the camera went to Bush’s face, I was so struck by the odd vacancy of his eyes – the smirkiness of his mouth – he really doesn’t seem all there to me.  And maybe that is overly kind.  Almost feel a touch of PTSD, as his face flashed across the screen.  What a nightmare his time in office was!

Other “news” includes this great video sent to me by Alison … some Fire Island dudes doing a Miley Cyrus song … and I realize this may be an odd juxtaposition … but it actually seemed appropriate – sort of a palate-cleanser after mentioning Dubya!


In Euro action, France faces off against Norway today (in a game with implications for the next round) while Germany faces Iceland (in a game without same).  Tomorrow England plays again (against Sweden) while Russia and Italy face off.  These matches will decide the standings in the closely-contested Group C.

Here are the tournament standings as of this morning … and a bit of info from the site about how the teams qualify to move on …

The top two teams from each final tournament group progress to the quarter-finals along with the two best third-placed teams. If two or more teams are level on points they are split by, in order of precedence, (a) higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question, (b) superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in question (c) higher number of goals scored in the matches between the teams in question, (d) superior goal difference from all matches played, (e) higher number of goals scored, (f) Fair Play ranking (final tournament only), (g) drawing of lots. It is also possible if two teams are dead level before they play each other in the last group game and draw for their position to be decided on penalties at the end of normal time. going into the final game and draw, they can be split.

Final tournament – Group stage

Group A Pld W D L Pts
Finland 3 2 0 1 6
Netherlands 3 2 0 1 6
Denmark 3 1 0 2 3
Ukraine 3 1 0 2 3
Group B Pld W D L Pts
Germany 2 2 0 0 6
France 2 1 0 1 3
Norway 2 1 0 1 3
Iceland 2 0 0 2 0
Group C Pld W D L Pts
Sweden 2 2 0 0 6
Italy 2 1 0 1 3
England 2 1 0 1 3
Russia 2 0 0 2 0

Meanwhile, here are the WNBA standings as of last night.  Indiana has clinched the Eastern Conference.  Things are still in play out west, but Phoenix and Seattle have both clinched play-off berths as Seattle continues to be on a tear!

Indiana1e 20 8 0.714 0.0 15-2 13-2 7-6 6-4 L 1
Atlanta2 15 14 0.517 5.5 9-11 11-5 4-9 6-4 L 2
Chicago3 14 15 0.483 6.5 8-9 10-4 4-11 5-5 W 1
Connecticut4 14 15 0.483 6.5 8-11 10-5 4-10 4-6 L 3
Washington 13 15 0.464 7.0 9-9 8-6 5-9 3-7 L 2
Detroit 13 15 0.464 7.0 7-11 7-6 6-9 6-4 L 1
New York 11 17 0.393 9.0 7-10 6-7 5-10 5-5 L 1
Western Conference
Phoenix1x 20 9 0.690 0.0 12-6 11-4 9-5 6-4 W 2
Seattle2x 18 11 0.621 2.0 12-5 13-3 5-8 6-4 W 5
Los Angeles3 14 14 0.500 5.5 8-8 8-5 6-9 7-3 L 1
Minnesota4 12 16 0.429 7.5 6-10 7-8 5-8 2-8 W 1
San Antonio 12 17 0.414 8.0 7-8 8-6 4-11 3-7 W 1
Sacramento 10 20 0.333 10.5 5-13 5-8 5-12 5-5 W 1
x-Clinched Playoff Berth | e-Clinched Eastern Conference | w-Clinched Western Conference | o-Eliminated from Playoffs contention

Oh, and last but not least, the WPS All Star game is today at 5:30 PM (ET) … on FSC.  Pre-game show is at 5PM ET.  The match will also be webcast (Alice) … hope you can get it on your porch this evening!

Okay – over and out!

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