Some Self Congratulation on a Special Day

Yes – it’s a very special day today – Ms. JBD’s birthday.  This day is best celebrated with some sort of outdoor activity and wrapped up with beer and barbecue … and lots of fresh veggies from the garden.  On this day we focus on the moments, NOT on counting the years.  We relax and enjoy … feel gratitude … and have some belly laughts, too.  (Since most of us have to work today, we’ll hold off on the celebrating ’til Sunday!)

On the self congratulation front, I am happy to announce that I got myself out onto the streets of Concord for a run yesterday.  The timing of that, as well as the route, shall remain a secret, as I am not yet ready to be hounded by the paparazzi.  But boy does it feel good to follow through on a commitment to myself.  Now for day 2!

Other stuff?  The Red Sox and Phillies both lost.  If I had the time, I would love to chart their wins and losses and see how many days they match up … it feels a little spooky to me.

And I’m happy to see that the Pats are pursuing AJ Feely.  Maybe that means that Heather Mitts will stay with the Breakers.  (That would be nice!)

Root for England today … vs Finland.  Oh, and I’ll be rooting for France, too (vs Netherlands).  It’s do or die now!

Have a great day … and don’t forget to celebrate – at least a little!

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