Snippets, as the Week Winds Down!

First off – apologies to HollyCornblog … who I offended by describing September as JBD’s birthday month.  It is HollyCornblog’s birthday month, too … and that fact should be duly celebrated by everyone … most especially everyone who likes a nice hoppy beer from time to time!

Second … I am ecstatic to announce that I managed a second day of following-through on my commitment to go running after work.  (No paparazzi, either … but I did notice more people on the streets, which makes me a little bit nervous.)  ;>)

Third – the Red Sox won … and the Phillies won … and sounds like Pedro looked great.

Fourth – England moves on in the Euros with some great highlight material from Aluka!  Sadly, France was eliminated by Netherlands in a game that went to PK’s.

Fifth … from Alice … an opera in Philly that sounds like it’s definitely worth checking out.  The Gonzales Cantata has been “Maddowed” … and is really taking off!  (Being Maddowed is like being “Oprahed” – although slightly less intense, I imagine.)  You can follow the Cantata on Twitter, too … if you’re really, really savvy!  ;>)

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